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We supply this pickup to Ibanez guitars. Introduced 1999 and is a pioneer at open 8 stringed pickups. Often Imitaded but not nailed. Go for the original. "In the process finding the perfect pickups for our 8 strings we stumbled upon Lundgren Pickups. They had it all and still reign. Unchallenged." Marten Hagstrom- Meshuggah. Model M 8 is sold all around the world. This pickup is the 8 stringed version of Model M. If you are playing with a much distorted amp, this pickup still deliver a well defined tone. The pickup has 4 lead cable. Also avalible as neck pickup. Length 100 mm, screwholes C-C 93 mm. width 37,5 mm. Depth 22 mm. Price: 199 €


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›› Felipe Rodriguez, Chile
›› M8 Clean on Teardrop Perry Stenbäck
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