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A Leaf thin plastic satin cover with Logo for brilliant look and protection on a standard M6. M6C. This is a M6 with a cover on. The plasticcover is thin and does not alter the tone of a standard M6. On your demand we have made a model M 6 for sixstringed guitar. It is enough strings for the most of us. This pickup is perfect for harder music, for example Metal. It is optimized both for power and clarity. The clarity is very important if you are going to play in lower tunings. The pickups works fine in standard tuning of course. If you want a vcleaner sound, just turn down the volumeknob. Customers all around the world has discovered that Lundgren guitarpickups are highest quality. These soundsamples are 8 and 7 stringed versions. The pickups has 4 lead cable. It is also available in the neckversion M 6 neck. Price: 169 €