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About us


Premium handmade pickups for electric guitars and basses from Vintage to the future.

Lundgren Guitar Pickups is a small independent company that supply pickups to the biggest guitar companies.
We make and sell pickups to weekend warriors world wide from our shop. Our first pickups made over 20 years ago still rockin the world and stages and recordings. The winding machine we use for our P.A.F sounding pickups is from circa 1957. Since making the first Lundgren pickups in 1990 our ambition has always been to find the short cut between your heart and ears. If you’re still searching, trust your heart; trust our pickups.


Under each picture is a link to a soundfile.

We have recorded each pickups twice, you can hear each pickup with both clean and distorted sound.
For careful comparability we have used the same guitar. The guitar was strung with D’Addario 0,010-0,046.
The microphone used was a Shure SM 57, the amplifier a Fender Twin with  Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

Amplifier settings: Channel 2 input 1 Bright ON, Volyme 4, 6 treble, Middle 4,5, Bass 6, reverb -2, no vibrato, master 4.

The pedal used for distortion was a Fulltone Full Drive 2. Settings: Tone to 3 o’clock , Overdrive to 12 o’ clock . switch to Vintage. The guitar was played by Boo.

The bass soundfiles was made by Tom Stenback custom guitars. www.tomstenback.com.   Musicians are: Stefan Lindblom – bass och guitar, Tuukka A Toaho – drums, Mikael Sxarvar; Rodhes.

Hi gain samples.

Regarding the clips for M6 and Smooth operator named High Gain:

The intro of each clip presents a 1-track rhythm guitar without any
processing at all.
The remaing part of the clips features a left and right double-
tracked rhythm guitar with some subtle mix-processing to fit into a
production (EQ and compression).
Each clip also features a non-processed solo-track, but with a touch
of delay on it.

The equipment used was:
Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier through a Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Traditional
4×12 cab.
(Rhythm settings on Red/Modern mode: Gain 11 o’clock, Treble 12, Mid
12, Bass 11, Presence 7, Volume 9)
Maxon OD808 overdrive pedal with the Gain at 0 and Level at MAX.
2 Shure SM57 mics in 45 degree angle from opposite directions towards
the center of the speaker.
Focusrite ISA430 Mk I and TL-Audio PA1 mic pre’s into a Pro Tools HD
system with a 192 interface.

Please note that this test is only relevant if You intend to use Your
Lundgren pickups in a Hi-gain setup and that the result differs
greatly between different amp models and other surrounding equipment
or recording approaches and techniques.

The guitar was played by C-J Grimmark.


Much of our parts we make  ourselves in our hometown, Jönköping,Sweden. For example we punchpress the Stratocaster® bobins for all our Stratocaster® pickups with our own tool. This will make them perfect in shape and even the right look appears just like the old original ones. Only the best parts are good enough for our customers.


There are several opportunities to speak with Lundgren and try the guitar pickups at some of  these guitar shows. The spring shows are as follows; Messe Frankfurt in Germany, Fuzz guitarshow in Gothenburg and  Guitarshow south in Hässleholm. The autumn shows are as follows; Scandinavian guitarshow in Stockholm, Musicians planet in Stockholm and Vintage Guitarshow in Copenhagen.

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