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Congratulations GHOST for your GRAMMY

Meliora is a fantastic album which contains Cirice among others. The recived a Grammy for Cirice. Good work and well deserved.

The album is produced by Klas Åhlund.

During the recording of Meliora: “We are in the studio right now recording the new album, using Heaven 57® pickups.They sound amazing. We’ve also, since long, been using playing Smooth Operators playing live and both  sets of pickups are really great. Quality.”

Quintessence & Alpha of Ghost

The Holy Grail gitarr show

The Holy Grail Guitar show in Berlin October 8 – 9, 2016. Last year our pickups were there in many instruments of those premium builders.Adriano Sergio of Ergon Guitars , Tobias L Lindberg with TLL Guitars to mention just a few. Ruokangas Guitars has put a couple of of our pickups in their guitars as well. We will join personally this year and it is so fun. We love guitars everyday and this weekend will be an absolutely blast. It will be very nice to meet many of you builders in person as well. And we have some really good news for you, Lundgren Guitar pickups is now a Premium Sponsor of The Holy Grail Guitar show in Berlin. It is a pleasure being a part of this really serious event. www.holygrailguitarshow.com The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 See and chat with you there, Johan and Torbjörn

Proud supplier

Proud supplier of pickups to Ibanez and Hagstrom among others since 2010.

All our Humbuckers are now available in models for seven stringed guitars.

Movie about Lundgren

Lundgren Heaven 67 – Demo