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Congratulations GHOST for your GRAMMY

Meliora is a fantastic album which contains Cirice among others. The recived a Grammy for Cirice. Good work and well deserved.

The album is produced by Klas Åhlund.

During the recording of Meliora: “We are in the studio right now recording the new album, using Heaven 57® pickups.They sound amazing. We’ve also, since long, been using playing Smooth Operators playing live and both  sets of pickups are really great. Quality.”

Quintessence & Alpha of Ghost

An Award winning article/rewiev

With its wide frequency range Grey Monterey® targets both the cleans and the wild things.
An Award winning article/rewiev from Swedish music magazine MM.

Read full article here.

Proud supplier

Proud supplier of pickups to Ibanez and Hagstrom among others since 2010.

All our Humbuckers are now available in models for seven stringed guitars.

Movie about Lundgren

Lundgren Heaven 67 – Demo