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Congratulations GHOST for your GRAMMY

Meliora is a fantastic album which contains Cirice among others. The recived a Grammy for Cirice. Good work and well deserved.

The album is produced by Klas Åhlund.

During the recording of Meliora: “We are in the studio right now recording the new album, using Heaven 57® pickups.They sound amazing. We’ve also, since long, been using playing Smooth Operators playing live and both  sets of pickups are really great. Quality.”

Quintessence & Alpha of Ghost

Schecter Banshee

When Schecter contacted us in 2019 planning refine their new Banshee models we were truly stoked. Schecter is well known for their long history of making fine guitars. Since Schecter makes their own pickups and also can choose any brand on the market it was a deep honour that they after several tests choose our M6 set and M7 Set for these models. When we finally got the  Schecter Banshee Mach 6 and 7 in our hands we must say we were more than impressed. These are high quality beasts that really deliver easy playing and high fret access, comfort and tone for days.  It is a joy working with Schecter and we have to admit we are working a lot with them. In 2021 Schecter expanded their Lundgren line with the new Black Heaven pickups on several of their new guitar models.

Schecter KM-7 ( Keith Merrow 7)

Keith Merrow, great musician and Youtube phenomen improved his guitars in 2023 with our M7 set.

M7 Bridge. M7 Neck. It feels so good that Keith, who is a blazing guitarist, chose our pickups for his new stunning signature guitars. The guitars are available in a lot of different colours. 

Movie about Lundgren

Lundgren Heaven 67 – Demo