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We at Lundgren guitarpickups can supply rewinding service. We try to repair old pickups if possible to keep the vintagewindings. We got magnetwire of right dimensions for your pickups. Johan is a specialist in  Fender, Gibson och Hofner pickups, he has been rewinding many of these.

We offer: Rewinding, Repairs, Magnetcharging and cure squeling pickups.

When we magnetize your pickup we can also make it reverse polarity so it will be humcanceling when used together with a standardpickup.

The waxpotting is the cure to squeling pickups. The waxmixture penetrates the coil and prevents the copperwire to cause unwanted microfonics.

Rewinding including waxpotting singlecoil strat and other open pickups

Price: 89€ each Incl. VAT  895 SEK