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About Guitar Pickups

A single coil guitar pickup is usually designed in two ways. The coil can be wound encasing the six small rodmagnets  (Stratocaster design) or with an iron core and the magnet is placed under the coil (P-90 design).

Higher resistance provides more output and in general, the more iron used for the core increase the coil’s inductance. If more windings are used on the guitar pickup it increase the coil’s inductance. More inductance gives a higher output but you loose some treble.
Guitar pickups are wound with insulated copper wire and a thinner wire with the same amount of windings and everything else being equal gives less bass response. The copper wire used in guitar pickups can be of a wide variety of gauges and the thickness of the insulation used can be varied. The dimension of the copper wire, amount of windings and the general construction of the pickup are all factors that affect the sound of the pickup.

When the string vibrates over the guitar pickup, the magnetic field is disturbed and an electric voltage is generated in the coil. The voltage is then led to the amplifiers input and you hear the result from the speakers.

Why Change Pickups

Many factors create a perfect instrument, weight and body shape, color, playability and the most important, the sound. If, you get most of these factors right but would like a different tone, a change of guitar pickups can be the thing that change your instrument’s sound from good, to great.

Our guitar pickups are designed and manufactured to give your sound a push in the right direction. With a change of guitar pickups you can in a sense, customize your guitar’s sound. At Lundgren  guitar pickups, we have a large number of guitar pickups available ? and if you need something out of the ordinary, you can always order a custom made guitar pickup.

What should you think about when searching for a better guitar sound?
Would you like a clearer, more transparent sound with more treble?
On the other hand, are you looking for more power and output but would like your basic guitar sound to stay the same?
Alternatively, are you thinking of switching to another kind of guitar pickup?

A normal single coil guitar pickup have a crisp sound with a lot of attack and good string separation where each string have good string separation with a lower output.

A normal humbucking guitar pickup use two coils connected in series and delivers (in comparison to a single coil) a more powerful, bassier and more midrangey sound with less high end and more output.

Can I change pickup on all guitars?

Yes, most of our pickups are standardsized and can be used in most types and models of guitars.

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