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Stratocaster® pickup för blues. Blues- A singlecoil based on our famous '60s vintage but with a slightly higher output signal, and a fatter sound- A Strat pickup for e.g. blues. This set is excellent for those who need a little more body and warmth in a too bright Stratocaster®. Although this Set has been with us for many years now, its popularity continues to grow worldwide year after year. The bridge pickup is wound with more turns of wire than the middle and neck pickup to compensate for the strings less movement in the bridge position. A matched set makes it a dream to easily use all five positions with a balanced output. Some customers choose to combine this set with a HOT in The Bridge. We take pride in the fact that some guitar builders outside Sweden have chosen this CUSTOM set as their standard in their builds. Comes with Off-White covers, countersunk screws and rubber springs. Ready to play!' The pickups are excellent to combine with a Bridge humbucker for an HSS or HS setup. Blues is a pickup that can move into classic rock territories with honor. It also has a vocal quality that is inspiring. You may choice your wire: Polysol gives you a smoother sound. Plain Enamel gives you sharper trebles and tighter bass. Your Choice. Cover, screws and rubber springs included. Pris: 2495:- set med tre mikrofoner. 895:- styck


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