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This Strat-pickup SET is suited for a player that is looking for a full bodied sound with good dynamics and a lot of twang. These vehicles will take you on a journey that can take you anywhere. This pickup set was made in collaboration With Guitar Geeks. Lowrider have shorter full powered AlNiCo 5 magnets and slightly over wounded coils. The shorter magnets allows pickup- coils to be adjusted closer to your strings for more efficiency. D magnets are staggered for perfect string balance. We use Plain Enamel wire which contributes to a focused yet big sound. We punch-press the flatwork with our own tooling inhouse. This gives the correct surface on the sides as well. Overkill? We don’t think so. As a bonus we added our in house made Lundgren induction plate on the bridge pickup. This plate acts as a booster and everyone with a strat bridge pickup knows the need for this. Lowriders gives a full, potent strat sound that fills the mix but still cuts through it. Get your set today, enjoy the ride, these will take you far. Technical: DC Res. Approx; Bridge 7,2K, Mid Reverse 6,35K, Neck 6,35K Pris: 2695:- SET