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Heaven 67®

1967. Santana, Hendrix flying V, Canned Heat , Mike Bloomfield, and Baby you can light my fire. A '60s version of a classic pickup for Rock and blues.  Heaven 67® gives you the rock vintage vibe loved for decades.  In the '60s the magnets got shorter and Alnico 5 was used. The Heaven 67® capture the tighter bass, slightly more aggressive mids and a brighter top end. A rock pickup with attitude! We use all the right vintage true components including butyrate plastic bobbins, wooden spacer and plain enamel wire. The sound is getting its power from an unpolished alnico 5 magnet which is slightly aged and gives a PLAYED IN feel and sound. A nice treble with a pretty even sound all across the frequency range. Great for that real Vintage rock sound. Extremely dynamic and responsive to pick attack. Standard black. Also available in zebra. High legs and braided two lead is standard. You can add nickel cover to your pickups in the shop.   Pris: 1495:-