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The One

An explosive hardrockpickup. Bridge and neckmodels avalible. An explosive hardrockpickup. THE ONE is a brand new humbucker from Lundgren. It's unique design offers a rare blend of massive hi-gain and the smoothest lead tones around. It has a low end authority that stays tight to your riffing at all times without blurring. The mids are explosive and hits the amplifier right where in hurts and the highs are smooth as silk. This makes it ideal for both aggressive rhythm playing AND for singing lead notes. This pickup is a great alternative to the M-series if You want a tone a that is slightly more "classic" but with the power of a modern pickup. THE ONE is powered on an Alnico 5 magnet. DC Resistance on Bridge model is approx 15K Ohm. Slighly less on the neckmodel. Bridge and Neck models available Pris: 1495:-


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