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Vertigo/Vintage Neck

With its time typical components this little wonder delivers a good necktone through its nickelsilver cover which combines nice with Vertigo bridge or any of our other Telecaster pickups. Tight lows and a clear open treble. Vertigo/Vintage Neck is used by some of the greatest rock artists. Our most popular Neckpickup for Tele®. This small sound scoundrel has Alnico 5-magnets bobbins made from fibreplate and all wound with a thinner AWG 43 Plain enamel brown copper wire.( Picture shows polysol) The magnetic polarity is reversed for use together with bridge pickup so you don't get any hum usually associated with single coils when used together. Screws and rubberspacers included. Nickelsilver chrome cover is included. Price: 120 €


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